Dürnstein on the Danube

Oil painting of the village of Dürnstein on the Danube River in Austria

Oil painting by Dai Wynn of the Austrian village of Dürnstein on the River Danube. Dürnstein is famous for the ruins of the Burg/Schloß/Castle (above right) in which Richard the Lionheart (Richard Coeur de Lion) was once incarcerated. More recently the village features in a television advertisement for a river cruise company. Painted in oils on canvas panel: 20.3 cm high by 25.4 cm wide by 0.3 cm deep approximately.

$263 + shipping/postage


Dai Wynn Artist Mission Statement

To enrich people’s lives by capturing and sharing the world’s beauty as seen through my travelling artist’s eyes. I strive to create an uplifting viewer experience in my realist paintings, echoing my own joy as I capture natural ephemera for posterity in the form of realist, unpretentious and affordable oil and watercolour paintings, easily purchased online and inexpensively shipped by post.