Fishing Boats in Lakes Entrance, Gippsland, Victoria

Oil painting by Dai Wynn of fishing boats at the wharf in Lakes Entrance, Gippsland, Victoria, Australia. This is a much simplified composition which leaves out the large, modern commercial trawlers, covered in various contrivances and paraphernalia, docked on the other side of the depicted smaller, colourful craft. Even then, I have not painted in much of the radio, radar and navigation equipment festooning the masts.

Coranderrk Creek Yarra Ranges

Coranderrk Creek (formerly Badger Creek) beneath Mount Toolebewong in Victoria’s Yarra Ranges near Healesville. Watercolour painting by Dai Wynn on 300gsm rough surface Arches cotton paper. 42 cm high by 29.5 cm wide by 0.1 cm deep approximately. A3 standard size. Unframed.

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