Martinstor Freiburg-im-Breisgau Germany

Martinstor Freiburg Aquarelle
Martinstor – Martin’s Gate – is a former fortification on Kaiser Joseph Straße in the city of Freiburg-im-Breisgau, Germany. It is the older of two gates in Freiburg, the other being Schwabentor. The first documentary evidence in 1238 names it Porta Sancti Martini (Latin for Gate of the Holy Martin).
In 1901, the city council increased the tower height from 22 metres to 60 metres and gave it a new roof in the style of the 15th century.
A second arch in 1901 allowed the second tram line to pass through. McDonald’s occupies the floors above this arch, but the council denied them a “Golden Arches”. However, one can perceive a more demure “McDonald’s” sign just above the arch. Dai Wynn drew this freehand sketch in ink on Arches paper. He then painted it in watercolours, given the abundance of colour in the original image. He used a reference photo he took in this beautiful city in the Sudschwartzwald – southern Black Forest. 29.7cm high by 42cm wide by 0.1cm deep.