Moon Water Reflections Painting over Frederick Henry Bay, Tasmania

Full Moon and Water Reflections.  Oil painting by Dai Wynn of Moonrise Over Frederick Henry Bay
Moon water reflections painting in oils on canvas panel by Dai Wynn. A full moon over the Tasman Peninsula and its water reflections in the still waters of Frederick Henry Bay, east of Hobart, Tasmania. This moon water reflections painting scene was viewed from the deck of a beach house on the crest of a sand dune at Cremorne. In order to capture this image of the full moon and water reflections, I took a series of photographs as the moon rose higher in the eastern sky and the sky grew darker. The moon’s reflections on the waters increased as time went by until they stretched from horizon to shoreline. Oils on canvas panel. 25.4 cm high by 20.3 cm wide by 0.3 cm deep approximately.