Painting of Assisi Arches, Italy

Three Arches in Assisi, Italy
Oil painting of Assisi arches – an artist’s view of the Perugian countryside in Assisi, Italy through stone arches. In the foreground is another building with an arched entrance. St Francis of Assisi is the town’s favourite son and is immortalised in a church and a bronze sculpture of the saint on horseback in the church grounds. Oil painting by Dai Wynn on canvas panel. 25.4 cm high by 20.3 cm wide by 0.3 cm deep approximately. Clearly I have not painted the busloads of tourists thronging this ancient town. Assisi is simply awash with ancient buildings, monuments, arches, city gates and narrow streets. This oil painting of Assisi arches entitled “Three Arches in Assisi” shows just one view of how modern Assisi coexists with the heritage town.