Dusk over Cavasagra Treviso


Oil painting by Dai Wynn on linen panel. 25.4cm X 20.3cm X 0.5cm.

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Cavasagra is a small semi-rural town near Castelfranco in the Province of Treviso. This is the Veneto region of Italy. Cava translates as quarry or mine. Sagra is Italian for a festival. A fast electric train makes the trip from Castelfranco to Venice in an hour. A day trip from this village includes Verona, Mantua, Treviso and Lake Garda. Our rental Fiat 500 day trips included Asolo in the hills and Sigurta Gardens. These beautiful gardens are close to the glorious Lake Garda.

Our base location was rather plain, with cornfields all around our very basic lodgings. The tower of the church of San Andrea rises above the low skyline. Cavasagra offers delightful evening walks between farm fields. However, over a week we were unable to eat in the local cafe. Alas, it seemed to always be booked out by the locals. Dai Wynn painted this evening view on linen panel. 25.4 cm high by 20.3 cm wide by 0.3 cm deep approximately.

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Dimensions 25.4 × 20.3 × 0.3 cm