Golden Winged Lion Venice


Ink and watercolour painting by Dai Wynn on 300gsm Arches watercolour paper. 29.7cm X 21.0cm X 0.1cm.

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The Winged Golden Lion is the symbol of Venice, Italy. There is a very large sculpture on a stone pillar in the busy Piazza San Marco. A smaller one at the top of a red pole overlooks the Grand Canal. The smaller golden winged lion holds an upraised sword in its right front paw. This ink and watercolour painting also features a deliveryman in a red shirt at left. It appears that he has a barge load of cardboard boxes to deliver. I assume that he would be extremely busy during a COVID19 lockdown. Painting by Dai Wynn on heavy Arches watercolour paper. 21 cm high by 29.7 cm wide by 0.1 cm deep approximately.

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Dimensions 29.7 × 21 × 0.1 cm