Mount Wycheproof Summit View


Oil painting by Dai Wynn on linen panel. 40.6cm X 30.5cm X 0.5cm.

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A view to the north from the summit of Mount Wycheproof. At 43 metres above the terrain, it is the world’s smallest registered mountain. The summit stands only 148 metres above sea level. The pleasant township of Wycheproof lies on its hillside. We are in north central Victoria.

The mini mountain is part of the low-lying Terrick Terrick range in Victoria’s Mallee region. It is a conical granite outcrop above the surrounding flat wheat fields.

Also, Wycheproofite is a pinkish, pearly mineral unique to the area. The nearby granite quarry is a source of the mineral.

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Dimensions 40.6 × 30.5 × 0.5 cm