The Boulevard After Rain


Oil painting by Dai Wynn on smooth surface linen panel. 40.6cm high by 30.5cm wide by 0.3cm deep.

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Water from an overnight rain deluge creates reflection pools on the uneven surface of The Boulevard at East Ivanhoe. This delightful section of curving road, a short walk from my studio, has always had a very rough pot-holed surface, presumably to deter through traffic. There are no kerbs nor footpaths. It runs between large houses and cliffs on one side and grassy river flats below. Horses graze contentedly in the verdant fields watched by mobs of kangaroos. Oils on smooth weave linen panel. 40.6cm high by 30.6cm wide by 0.3cm deep.

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Dimensions 40.6 × 30.5 × 0.3 cm