Wannon River above Falls


Oil painting by Dai Wynn on linen panel. 40.6cm X 30.5cm X 0.5cm.

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This is a view in May 2021 of the Wannon River just before it cascades over the Wannon Falls. The waters trickle through jagged rocks and swathes of coloured reeds before they tumble in a single stream into a yawning chasm. The Swiss-born artist Abraham-Louis Buvelot painted a masterpiece in 1872, depicting the Wannon Falls in full flow. His famous work shows a number of tourists above and below the rushing waters, probably as an artifice of scale. The Wannon River flows through the Southern Grampian Shire in Victoria’s Western District, a landscape with a volcanic history. Perhaps these deep rocky gorges and rifts were fashioned by such volcanic activity.

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Dimensions 40.6 × 30.5 × 0.5 cm