The Gotthard Pass, Switzerland

Gotthard Pass Switzerland
A view through the Gotthard Pass in Switzerland. The original freight and tourist railway runs double electrified tracks over some serious hills. Two sets of spiral underground loops assist the ascent and descent of trains within a relatively small space. This view looks down over one such spiral loop at the edge of the village of Wassen. The observant Gotthard Panorama Express passenger can view the Wassen Catholic Church three times as the train traverses the spirals. In the valley below, a grassy roof partly covers a major freeway. In more recent times, the Gotthard Base Tunnel takes longer and heavier trains for 57 kilometres underground at valley floor level.
Dai Wynn painted this view on linen on board from a series of reference photographs he took from the Gotthard Panorama Express train. 30.5cm high by 40.6cm wide by 0.3cm deep.