St Francis of Assisi Acquarello

A bronze statue of St Francis in full armour on horseback before the Upper Basilica in Assisi, Italy. It is understood that, in 1204, God told him to return from the war to look after his people. Watercolours over freehand pen and ink drawing by Dai Wynn on 300gsm smooth Arches paper. 29.5 cm high by 42 cm wide by 0.1 cm deep. A3 standard size.

$360 + shipping/postage

Rocamadour Aquarelle, France

Ink and watercolour painting by Dai Wynn of Rocamadour (la Cité Réligieuse) viewed from the Modern Rocamadour hamlet and car-park. This cliffside/clifftop village is situated in south-central France, is surrounded by verdant forest, and is is known for the Cité Réligieuse complex of religious buildings, accessed via the Grand Escalier staircase. It includes the Chapelle Notre-Dame, with its Black Madonna statue, and the Romanesque-Gothic Basilica of St-Sauveur. Ink and watercolours on 300gsm smooth surface Arches cotton paper. 42 cm high by 29.5 cm wide by 0.1 cm deep approximately.

$375 + shipping/postage