Perigueux Cathedrale Pont des Barris

Perigueux Cathedrale

The cathedral of Saint Front in Périgueux as viewed from the Bridge of Barris over the River Dordogne. Périgueux is a city in the Nouvelle Aquitaine region of France. The Dordogne river is famous for the sheer volume of forts and châteaux perched on the high limestone cliffs overlooking its busy waters. I drew an ink sketch of this scene after visiting this region of France and sold it. This new oil painting uses the same reference photograph. However, the day was not sunny and the sky was not blue. So, with a degree of artistic licence, I have re-imagined this scene with greatly enhanced colours. I believe that it has worked.
Interestingly, when checking the name of the bridge on Google Streetview, there were no floral baskets on the bridge parapets as there were when I visited.
Oil painting on linen on board. 40.6cm high by 30.5 cm wide by 0.5 cm deep.