Rue Limogéanne Périgueux

Pencil and ink sketch by Dai Wynn of a cobbled street in the old town (La Vieille Ville) of the city of Périgueux on the Dordogne River in Nouvelle Aquitaine, France. I am always delighted by how well the French maintain their heritage (la patrimoine), while providing all modern services to residents and merchants. All electricity, gas, water, drainage and sewerage has been hidden beneath the cobbles while maintaining the patina of age on the sandstone of buildings. Perfect for a black and white rendition. Drawn in black ink with a 0.2 mm pen on 300gsm smooth surface Arches paper. 29.5 cm high by 21 cm wide by 0.1 cm deep. A4 standard size.

$240 + shipping/postage

Assisi Vicolo

A vicolo (passageway) in the hilltop village of Assisi in the province of Perugia, Italy. Although throngs of tourists visit the nearby basilica of St Francis of Assisi, there are many quiet streets, alleys and passageways through beautiful stone and brick buildings which glow in the afternoon sun. Oil painting by Dai Wynn on canvas panel. 20.3 cm high by 25.4 cm wide by 0.3 cm deep approximately. FOR SALE.

$360 + shipping/postage

Limeuil Wheelbarrow, France

As I was painting this view of ancient houses down the hill of Rue du Port in Limeuil, France, I noticed a new and very shiny wheelbarrow at the centre of my composition. I suspect many properties are now holiday houses for let, but I was pleased to see that they were well tended. Oil painting by Dai Wynn on canvas panel. 25.4 cm high by 20.3 cm wide by 0.3 cm deep approximately.

$248 + shipping/postage

Verona, Caffé Tubino

A crowded pedestrian street in Verona, northern Italy with wonderfully eclectic architecture and colours. Caffé Tubino is a prominent feature in this ink and watercolour painting by Dai Wynn on 300gsm Arches cotton paper. 29.5 cm high by 42 cm wide by 0.1 cm deep approximately. A3 standard size.

$248 + shipping/postage